Lotto Winning Wheel Draw 1420 Nikki From Wellington 23/8/14

Meet Nikki this week’s Winning Wheel winner from Wellington. Spinning the wheel couldn’t have come at a better time.

The last couple of years have been very eventful for Nikki. She met her now husband, Matt, along with him came a 14-year-old step-son named Adam. Then Alexis, their two-year-old daughter entered the picture and now Nikki is pregnant with a boy.

Nikki is a paediatric doctor, cut down her hours to raise Alexis. They also just bought a new house to accommodate for the growing family. So with a bigger mortgage, bigger family, they are relying on less income.

Regardless of what they spin the money is going to make Nikki’s maternity leave much less stressful. The family now has assurance they will have time to enjoy the precious first years of their children’s lives.

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